Incident Response, Remediation & Management

QTI is well versed in implementing all stages involved in incident response, focusing on minimizing operation loss, and restoring normalcy as rapidly as possible.

  • The security threats identified could be of different types, like compromise of the network, unauthorized access to corporate data and records, exploitation of sensitive data, policy violation, and more
  • It is essential to constantly monitor an organization’s system, as a security incident can be a silent yet active threat, a failed attempt to invade your network or a successful intrusion by compromising your system of networks
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When it comes to incident response, there are 5 steps involved and they are

  • Preparation
  • Detection and reporting
  • Triage and analysis
  • Containment and neutralization
  • Post incident activity

The QTI advantage in Incident Response,Remediation & Management Services are

  • QTI is well equipped with comprehensive incident response abilities to safeguard your sensitive data
  • Offers round-the-clock monitoring, which enables the tracking of suspicious data behavior
  • Tracks down unusual activity and immediately neutralizes the threat
  • Ensuring all crucial applications, data and IT infrastructure is well shielded from potential threats
  • Keeps the security plan updated with steps for monitoring and remediation, but also per compliance needs