Information Security Plan-Compliance Support

A plan is a strategically thought idea to combat the risk that is likely to occur. An information security plan is a well designed cyber defense documented by the organization to protect their corporate assets and sensitive data.

  • QTI understands the value of putting in place an appropriate and effective plan of action to minimize the extent of the damage a security attack can cause
  • QTI develops a feasible and highly efficient information security plan to defend an organization’s data, network, and infrastructure against potential cyber threats and data exploitation to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your corporate assets
  • Each plan is specifically tailored to meet a business’ security needs to defend its assets
information security

The Core Phases of Information Security Plans
Services are

  • The identified risk is understood and then the decision is made to determine the most effective way to mitigate it
  • Measures are put in place that reduce the possibility of incident occurrence and the impact of risky activity
  • Firewalls, training, and policies are examples of compensating controls
  • Inclusion of compliance to FISMA, NIST and FedRamp standards, to ensure the organization’s ATO

The QTI advantage in Information Security Plans
Services are

  • Helps an organization to invest in the right type of security resources
  • Helps businesses identify its assets and security solutions better
  • Better and immediate neutralization techniques at disposal in case of a security breach
  • Prevents huge financial loss and safeguards brand image in the market
  • Immediately identifies the role each employee plays in the case of a breach