This site documents just just how individuals presently publish sex information on the net sex examples

(often implicitly – therefore perhaps not effortlessly machine parsable – such as for instance names (Andrew, Andrea), titles (Mr, Mrs, skip), relationships (spouse, sibling), pronouns (he, she), etc.)), and what sex terms are supported by present internet individual interfaces.

This research will hopefully be helpful to the Genealogy microformat work, along with efforts to extend vCard, and for that reason hCard.


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These examples depend on two main types of real-world internet site usage (e.g. on online networks)

  • individual interfaces for modifying (and showing) report information
  • individual interfaces for doing faceted (field-based) search centered on value(s) of the gender (or sex) field.

internet web internet sites and solutions

Online networks typically publish the gender regarding the person.

Internet web web Sites and solutions that enable users to enter and publish their sex. Please add for this list.

In alphabetical purchase:

  • Bagcheck chose to inquire of which pronoun you need to utilize:
    • Preferred Possessive Pronoun: ( )Her ( )His ( )Their
  • Crusher’s Edit My Account(requires login) web web page combines sex and individual vs organization difference in a fascinating kind picker among woman, child, musical organization, or other with an industry.
    • Kind: ( ) Woman ( ) Child ( ) Band ( ) Other: [______]
  • Canada Council for the Arts (require citation to certain form that is sign-up) – in accordance with Heather Gold:
    • Female, Male, Transgender, Other (please specify), No solution, Please specify [______]
  • Digg’s About me personally settings page(requires login) includes a Gender popup that are motivated by Pownce’s list:
    • Man, woman, Dude, Lady, Fellow, Bird, Chap, grrrl, Gentleman, Damsel, Male, Female, Transgender, None associated with Above
  • flirtbox: “Females” and “girls”
  • eHarmony: “Woman” or “Man”
  • changed from “Male/Female” to Male/Female/Custom” on 2014-02-13
    • customized must certanly be from 1 of 56 alternatives, despite being fully a text box that is free-entry
    • (Agender, Androgyne, Androgynous, Bigender, Cis, Cisgender, Cis Female, Cis Male, Cis guy, Cis lady, Cisgender Female, Cisgender Male, Cisgender guy, Cisgender lady, Female to Male, FTM, Gender Fluid, Gender Nonconforming, Gender Questioning, Gender Variant, Genderqueer, Intersex, Male to Female, MTF, Neither, Neutrois, Non-binary, Other, Pangender, Trans, Trans*, Trans Female, Trans* Female, Trans Male, Trans* Male, Trans guy, Trans* Man, Trans individual, Trans* individual, Trans lady, Trans* girl, Transfeminine, Transgender, Transgender Female, Transgender Male, Transgender guy, Transgender individual, Transgender lady, Transmasculine, Transsexual, Transsexual Female, Transsexual Male, Transsexual guy, Transsexual individual, Transsexual Woman, Two-Spirit)
    • list from Will Oremus at Slate
  • “Male”, “Female”, “MTF” and “FTM”.
  • “Male”, “Female”
  • Google+:
    • before 2014-12-10: Male, Female, Other
    • after 2014-12-10: Male, Female, Decline to mention, Personalized – if Personalized selected, a freeform text field is enabled to set up your sex. Post by Rachael Bennett
  • LiveJournal’s Edit Profile(calls for login) web web page provides a menu that is popup sex using the values so as:
    • (Unspecified), Male, Female
  • Ma.gnolia’s Edit Your Profile on Ma.gnolia(requires login) web web page offers a popup menu for sex using the values to be able:
    • Female, Male, Other
    • Broadcast switch option on choices: “( we like to not ever state)”, “She edits wiki pages”, “He edits wiki pages”
    • Phabricator thread on non-binary sex choices
  • Cortex histogrammedmetafilter’s 10-year-old gender that is free-form- information dump
    • The very first entry is blank/null industries; the essential difference between that and “total records” could be the amount of people who possess placed anything more in the industry: 9,325 mefites have actually at the time of a couple of minutes ago put one thing in that industry. Reckoning through the past note, that implies that something such as 17-18% of users have actually really elected to put one thing for the reason that industry sooner or later within their membership right right right here.
    • Associated with the people who have actually one thing for the reason that industry, simply over 60% usage one of many top four options: “male”, “female”, “m”, or “f”.
    • For the dozen that is top therefore unambiguous labels supplied, male-identifying terms (male, m, dude, xy, kid, man, guy, mail) account fully for about 49% of total labels utilized; female-identifying terms (feminine, f, woman, woman, xx, femme, chick) account fully for about 18per cent.
  • utilized to just enable man or woman. There was clearly a protest on MySpace by some genderqueer users that would place the word “genderqueer” into irrelevant metadata industries as a type of symbolic protest (supply: tommorris’ memory, reddit remark from tommorris)
  • OKCupid – “I’m male” and “I’m feminine”
    • It has generated a noticeable petition: make sure that all OkCupid users have the ability to easily recognize their gender and orientation that is sexual!
    • In 2014-11, OKCupid modified the sexuality and gender options. It’s simple to pick up to five from each one of the lists that are following
      • Gender: Girl, Man, Agender, Androgynous, Bigender, Cis Guy, Cis Girl, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Gender Nonconforming, Hijra, Intersex, Non-binary, Other, Pangender, Transfeminine, Transgender, Transmasculine, Transsexual, Trans Guy, Trans Lady, Two Spirit
      • Sex: Directly, Gay, Bisexual, Asexual, Demisexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, Lesbian, Pansexual, Queer, Questioning, Sapiosexual
      • Supply:
  • OpenID’s Attribute Exchange includes sex
  • POF: “Male” or “Female”
  • Pownce’s Profile Settings(calls for login) software has a Gender popup using the after values in purchase:
    • Man, Woman, Dude, Chicky-poo, Bloke, Bird, Lady, Gentleman, Male, Female, Transgender, None regarding the Above
  • XKCD utilized ‘do you have got a Y chromosome?’ because they had been colour blindness that is studying

Web web Sites and solutions that internally assign users a sex, e.g. for advertising targetting. Please include for this list.

  • Twitter is doing this at the least since 2012. Though it claims become 90% accurate, anecdotally lots of women in technology have already been misgendered creating a skew that is big male in follower data. In 2017 the assigned genders became visually noticeable to users.