McAfee released its Mobile Threat Report 2020, which found that hackers are using hidden mobile apps, third-party login and counterfeit gaming videos to target consumers.

Last year, hackers targeted consumers with a wide variety of methods, from backdoors to mining cryptocurrencies, says the company. Based on new research, McAfee has uncovered that hackers have expanded the ways of hiding their attacks, making them increasingly difficult to identify and remove, which makes it seem like 2020 will be the year of mobile sneak attacks.

McAfee found that hidden apps are the most active mobile threat facing consumers, generating nearly 50 percent of all malicious activities in 2019— a 30 percent increase from 2018. Hackers continue to target consumers through channels that they spend the most time on— their devices, as the average person globally is expected to own 15 connected devices by 2030. Hidden apps take advantage of unsuspecting consumers in multiple ways, including taking advantage of consumers using third-party login services or serving unwanted ads.